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Technical features
  • Product Model:DC-022B-1.3
  • Category:DC电源插座
  • 方向:垂直
  • 电气参数:2.5A 24V
  • 外孔:3.5
  • 防水级别:防水型
  • 外形尺寸:
  • 中心引脚:1.3
  • 屏蔽:
  • 安装方式:面板安装
  • 离安装面高度 (mm):6.5
Product Number and Description The state of production Shipment cycle Gross weight Unit price with tax Stock Order Quantity operation
在产 2周 0 10 Sample Application

Industrial electronics, security, military, aerospace, automotive, communications medical, household appliances and consumer electronics

These are just some of the most common uses and do not include all applications.

  • 应用


产品材质Center pin:Brass  tin

Terminal 1:Brass  tin

Terminal 2:Phosphor Bronze   tin

Terminal 3:Brass  tin


Axle sleeve:Brass  tin

环境条件Temperature range:-20 °C/+70 °C

Mating cycles:≥ 5000

Insertion force:≤ 30 N  *1

Withdrawal force:3–30 N  *2

电气数据Contact resistance:≤ 30 mΩ

Rated current:2.5 A

Rated voltage:24 V DC

Rated impulse voltage:250 V/60 s